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About me:


I like my job and I enjoy doing it, sharing borrowed moments of happiness. To capture that happiness is my challenge, to be able to reflect emotions, feelings, love.

I am not very given to forced poses. Although some of my snapshots seem to be very elaborate, they are the result of spontaneity. Each couple has a way of being and I always try to ensure that this is reflected in their photographs so that they can be recognized in them.

I want you to always feel comfortable and enjoy every moment of your day without forcing situations, being aware that the main thing for you is neither the photographer, nor the videographer, etc., but you and your loved ones.

Why count on me? Because simply all my team like me, we will do our best to help make your day perfect and that as time goes by you can remember it as it was.


I hope you like my work and want to count on me for your wedding day. If not, I also wish you all the happiness in the world on your new journey through life.

Enrique Micaelo Photography.

If you have browsed the web, you will have seen that I live in the province of Salamanca. If you are from any other part and you want to have our services, do not hesitate to contact us, there is no problem in moving.

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