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Digital retouch.

EM FOTOGRAFIA.COM uses the most advanced digital image treatment tools to retouch photographs.

Retouching a photo aims to eliminate or smooth out flaws to make the person portrayed look their best.

The following works are part of a retouch:

- Improve the contrast and color of the photograph

- Smooth wrinkles, maintaining personality

- Remove spots, pimples and marks on the skin

- Whiten teeth

- Enhance the eyes

- Soften the skin, maintaining its texture

It is also possible, with photo retouching, to lose weight, hide "love handles", increase or decrease parts of the body, and almost anything that is proposed.

And you can also turn a snapshot or home photo into a studio photo, replacing the background, adding highlights and shadows, and retouching the main subject of the photo. We can also make your photo look like an oil painting.

How much ?

The price ranges between € 4 and € 60.

The exact price depends on the works requested

Send us your photograph, and your instructions and you will have an exact estimate.

How do I send the photograph?

You probably already have your photo stored as a JPEG file.

Send us the file and your instructions by email:

If your photo is only on paper, scan your photo at a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch) or go to a store where they can do the scan for you.

Once scanned, send us the file and your instructions.


Photography and Editing:
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