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Restoration of old or damaged photographs.

EM FOTOGRAFIA.COM uses the most advanced digital image treatment tools to restore and repair your photograph, damaged by the passage of time.

Even if your photo has physical damage (scratches, scrapes, bends) or chemical damage (stains, color changes, fading of the image), the EM FOTOGRAFIA.COM team will rescue the original image.

We can carry out the following jobs:

- Remove scratches, folds, etc.

- Reconstruct the missing parts of the photograph

- Return the original tonality to the photograph

- Colorize the restored image

How much ?

The price ranges between € 10 and € 60.

The exact price depends mainly on the state of conservation of the photograph, and if the damage affects important parts of the image.

Send us your photograph, and your instructions and you will have an exact estimate.

How do I send the photograph?

If you have a scanner, scan your photo at 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution or go to a store where they can do the scan for you. It will be the fastest, safest and cheapest way to send us the photograph.

Once scanned, send us the file and its instructions by email, to the following address:

If you cannot send the scanned photo, contact us and we will tell you how to send your photo by post.

How will I receive the restored photograph?

We will send your restored photograph, as a JPEG file, to your email address. This image can be printed at any digital development lab.

If you wish, and at an additional cost, we can record your image on CD-ROM (cost € 5) or send you a copy on photographic paper with traditional chemical development of the highest quality. Indicate this in your instructions and we will add the price of these services to your budget.

Imagen sin restaurar y la misma imagen ya restaurada


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